Just hours after losing out to rival Kanye West on the U.K. albums chart, rapper 50 Cent has shelved a string of European dates.

In a brief statement, his record company Interscope says, "50 Cent is very sad to confirm that due to a last minute, unforeseen and unanticipated change in his schedule, he will have to postpone his European promotion trip from Sept. 18- 25."

50 Cent's decision to steer-clear of Europe will wipe-out the artist's planned appearance Wednesday at both the Music Of Black Origin Awards and the Vodafone Live Music Awards in London.

The competition between both rappers ratcheted up a gear when 50 Cent -- whose real name is Curtis Jackson -- claimed in the press that he would retire from making solo albums if West won the sales battle.

West's "Graduation" (Roc-A-Fella) bowed at No. 1 on the latest Official U.K. Albums Chart, published Monday, ahead of 50 Cent's No. 2 place-getter "Curtis."

The U.S. sales story will become clearer when The Billboard 200 is published Wednesday. Billboard's European Top 100 will be published the following day.