Markus Berger-de León, co-managing director and chief sales officer of Berlin-based mobile phone content provider Jamba, is to leave the company after five years.

Jamba co-managing director and chief operating officer Lee Fenton will take the helm. Berger-de León will continue to consult Fenton.

"I had five very successful and good years at Jamba," says Berger-de León. "Now the time has come to meet new challenges. Nevertheless I am feeling still connected with Jamba and am happy that I am able to consult them also in the future."

Media group NewsCorp holds a majority stake in Jamba, which it co-owns with U.S. Internet company Verisign. The digital entertainment firm is recognized as the first European business to make the sale of ringtones a mainstream business, in part through mass-market TV advertising campaigns. The company was established in 2000 and sold in 2004 to Verisign.