An Australian band on its first tour of the United States lost its guitarist and his wife, after losing control of their SUV on the Ohio Turnpike near Cleveland Oct. 18. Hayden Sweeney, 23, from Melbourne band Electric Jellyfish and his Californian-hailed wife Bridget, 26 died. According to the band's relatives in Melbourne, Bridget who was driving swerved to avoid a deer and struck a guard rail. The 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe overturned and slid across the highway, hitting a concrete barrier.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) spokeswoman said that singer Mike Beech suffered head injuries while bass player Adam Camilleri broke his arm. Drummer Patrick Lias escaped with minor injuries.

The Electric Jellyfish were on their way from Detroit to New York and had started the tour three weeks ago. They were hoping to secure a record deal in the U.S. and had been saving for the trip since they formed at La Trobe University four years ago, Lias' twin brother Anthony said in Melbourne.