Concert Channel, a new Europe-wide TV music station, is to start broadcasting from the first quarter of 2008.

The Erfurt-based station will carry a range of content, from pop through to jazz and country music, and will focus on concerts, tours and music business news.

Christoph von Dellingshausen, CEO of the new channel, describes the target demographic as people between 14 and 59, and will establish its brand through tours and other campaigns, says Dellingshausen.

The service also has plans to carry bespoke concert-productions, co-produce works and license footage from foreign productions.

"We want to be a partner of the whole live-entertainment scene," he comments.

The free-to-air channel will primarily be distributed digitally via satellite both in Germany and other parts of Europe, with a short-term goal to reach 40 million households.

"We welcome the new media platform because it will increase the public interest for concerts," comments Frankfurt-based concert promoter Marek Lieberberg. "I see many synergies and hope to cooperate with the concert channel."

Total investment in the station will be up to €15 million ($21 million) in the first year, and will employ 40 staff, according to Dellingshausen.

The English-language service will generate income through advertising, and Dellingshausen says he expects the station to enter profit territory in the second year.