Cliff Richard, the British pop music icon who has had more hits than any other U.K. singer, is hoping to break some new records.

The veteran singer's company the Cliff Richard Organisation is teaming with EMI Music to launch a novel pre-release online strategy that will allow consumers to whittle-down the price of his new album release, "Love, The Album," due Nov. 12.

The top price paid in advance for the download will be £7.99 ($16). But the charge to consumers could drop to as low as £3.99 ($8) on the date of release, in accordance with the volume of orders placed. Payment will be taken on release date.

Consumers can pre-order the 15-track album -- complete with special bonus material in MP3 format -- from the new Web site, which will collect download pre-orders for the new release. EMI did not revealed how many copies would need to be sold to reduce the price.

"Because Cliff's audience has not previously been big on downloading we feel this initiative will not only encourage them to download the album but also encourage their friends and peers to do the same because the more they do, the cheaper it becomes," comments Steve Davis, director of EMI Catalog, in a statement.

Richard, whose enduring, squeaky-clean image has helped the artist earn the reputation as Britain's No. 1 singles artist in history, has recently turned into something of a campaigner for industry change. He threw his support behind the U.K. music industry's campaign to extend the term of copyright on sound recordings, a project which fell on deaf ears within the British government.

"Who'd have thought I'd get a buzz from creative marketing?," comments Richard in a statement on the new download initiative. "As artists we face a stark choice. We either keep one step ahead of the technology which is changing our industry so radically - or we throw up our hands and quit. Personally I'm not for quitting."