The Official U.K. Charts Co. (OCC) is to launch a new weekly chart which will rank the tracks streamed and downloaded most often by online users of U.K. music subscription services.

It will launch later this year, according to the OCC, once the chart compiler's data is "robust enough to create a reliable rundown."

"The launch of this chart will provide valuable visibility to subscription-based models, about which there is great excitement within the business and which are expected to play an increasingly significant part in consumers' music consumption over the coming 12 months and more," said the Official Charts Company managing director Martin Talbot said in a statement.

"The role of the Official Charts Company," Talbot added, "is to reflect the development of the entertainment business, both in tracking all sales, and providing detailed industry data on the evolution of the industry; this new data service is a prime example of this."

Subscription services which will supply the data include MSN's Music Box, Vodafone's new Omnifone-powered MusicStation service and Napster U.K.

According to Napster VP sales and marketing Europe Thorsten Schliesche: "the new music subscriptions chart validates the growing relevance and popularity of the subscription music model in the U.K. and Europe and will be a valuable tool for monitoring industry and consumer trends moving forward."