U.K. collecting society PPL has teamed with Urban Concepts to back the socially-conscious body's national anti-gun campaign.

Music is at the nub of a new annual project, "Don't Trigger," which intends to alert Britons on the rising incidence of gun crime.

More than 30 artists have recorded works for a 13-track "Don't Trigger Campaign Album 2007" online-only album, which was made available Oct. 9. Acts include reggae veteran Maxi Priest, London-based U.S. R&B singer Jocelyn Brown and British soul vocalist Omar.

PPL has invited a number of the artists to perform at its Nov. 12 annual performer meeting in London.

"We applaud PPL for recognizing that music can be a great tool to address some of the issues that blight our communities," comments Raymond Stevenson, founder of Urban Concepts and the fire-arm campaign, in a statement. "We hope other music industry organizations also embrace the 'Don't Trigger' campaign and help spread the positive message."

Fran Nevrkla, chairman and CEO of PPL and sister organization VPL, added, "Music has an invaluable role to play in today's complex world. It is entirely appropriate that PPL can meaningfully support the performing musicians whose commitment to 'Don't Trigger' is also a real measure of the power of music in society and which PPL fully endorses."

London-based PPL collects performance rights on sound recordings for 3,500 U.K. record companies and 47,000 performers.

Don't Trigger is an anti-gun and knife crime campaign by South London-based voluntary organisation/think tank Urban Concepts. It is backed by such organizations as the Home Office, Greater London Authority, Government for London, Mother Against Guns U.K. and the Gun Control Network.

Don't Trigger previously issued an EP in September 2005 through Gut Recordings, which is handling broadcast promotion on the current album.