Spain's top music award gala, Premios Amigo, is returning on Nov. 27 after a five-year hiatus.

Organizers Promusicae initially cancelled the event in protest to high levels of music piracy, which in recent years has reached an estimated 50%.

But the labels' body admits that piracy is still a huge problem. "Things have not really improved, and on top of continuing physical CD piracy we now have a major Internet piracy problem," says Promusicae president Antonio Guisasola. "But after five years without a gala, we decided it was time to recognize the talent of our artists and the great CDs they continue recording."

The gala will not be an all-out splash as were the five Premios Amigo events held between 1997-2001. It will not be televised and will last a maximum 75 minutes, instead of the typical 120 minutes-plus. Just nine awards will be handed out, against 17 at the 2001 ceremony, and only three artists will perform a total of four to five songs.

The gala will, however, be transmitted live via mobile phone for Vodafone users, and with a delayed transmission will be delivered online by Yahoo, which will create a special site for the event.

"We have rejected the TV gala format, and prefer an awards ceremony for artists followed by a 'fiesta' for the industry," says Guisasola. Premios Amigo will be held in Madrid's 1,500-capacity Circo Price theater, with 300 tickets made available for the public.

"In Spain there is no interest in televised music galas which are normally shown in 'false live' around midnight with very low audience ratings," adds Guisasola. "We prefer to have a five-minute spot on next day's main news programs seen by millions, than a late-night gala seen by a few. In Spain there are TV programs about cinema, books and theater, but not music."

The 2001 Premios Amigo was shown between 10pm-1:35am on national private channel Antena 3 and had a 12.2% audience rating, compared to 20.9% for the 2000 gala.

The 2007 awards will honor such categories as best selling Spanish, Latin and international acts; and most downloaded song and original tone.