France's second mobile operator SFR launched an all-you-can-eat permanent music download service, to be integrated in its new 3G+ "Illimythics" mobile offer.

Customers will get unlimited download over-the-air access to more than 150,000 singles, all from Universal Music catalogue. Users will permanently own the tracks - even if they cancel their "Illimythics" phone subscription - and will be allowed to transfer the tracks to their PC. DRM used is OMA 1.0.

While SFR and Universal Music are part of Vivendi group, SFR executive VP of marketing and mass Market customers Jean-Marc Tassetto said he was currently talking with other record companies, both major and independent.

This music offer is part of SFR new 3G+ "Illimythics" global mobile offer, based on unlimited access to a series of multimedia features such as Internet, mobile TV or instant messaging. The access to peer-to-peer networks is denied.

The "Illimythics" offer, limited to 100,000 subscribers for the time being, is available in full version from 49€ ($71 US) a month to 69€ ($100 US) per month - depending on the time allowed for calls - for a 24-month subscription.

SFR's unlimited permanent download music service comes in addition with its download store. In January 2006, SFR already pioneered with an "all you can eat" download service on mobile. "This service was launched to early", commented Tassetto. "We will work on it and relaunch it, as this service is accessible to all [SFR 3G] customers."

The "Illimythics" offer was launched in partnership with mobile manufacturers HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and LG, which will all release new handsets designed for it. This launch comes as SFR main competitor Orange will release Apple's iPhone in France on November 29.