Microsoft revealed that it is in talks to acquire mobile music firm Musiwave, which currently is owned by mobile software company Openwave.

Musiwave develops various software, marketing and content management services for mobile operators who want to offer music on mobile phones. This includes handling licensing deals with record labels as well as operating all the back-end services behind carrier music stores.

Microsoft has been active in the mobile software space for many years, primarily though its Windows Mobile OS, which runs on several styles of smartphones. Should it ultimately acquire Musiwave, it could put Microsoft in a position to do much more.

For instance, it has been long rumored that Microsoft is developing a mobile phone version of the Zune digital music player. The company has kept mum on the details, but the acquisition of Musiwave would certainly add momentum to the effort.

"Musiwave would bring key assets to us as we continue to bring our vision of Connected Entertainment to life," J Allard, corporate VP in charge of music at Microsoft said in a statement.