Former Warner Music International VP A&R Ric Salmon has assembled a team of industry heavyweights to guide Harvest Entertainment, a new music company which promises to marry bands with brands and return power to the artist.

Salmon has recruited to Harvest's board of directors his former colleague Paul-Rene Albertini -- the ex-chairman and CEO of Warner Music International -- plus Edge Group founder David Glick, along with executives from global media group Naked Communications.

Harvest's business model, explains Salmon, enables elite artists to market and release music while retaining their copyright.

"Harvest offers a full service platform, partnering the artist with a brand that is culturally, demographically, stylistically and holistically appropriate," says Salmon in a statement.

"From day 1, it is a fully collaborative effort," he adds. "All parameters of the partnership are understood from the outset, including exactly what the artist will allow the brand to use and to what extent."

Salmon is managing director of the new company, which is based in central London.