Spanish pop star Melendi was being held for questioning by Madrid police today after an incident on an Iberia state aircraft en route to Mexico.

Press reports say the singer was involved in altercations with crew members who refused to serve him more alcohol after the aircraft took off at 01:50am. It returned to Madrid two hours later.

Melendi was due to perform Nov. 17 concert at the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City, which kicks off the annual Rock En Ñ tour of Latin American countries. The tour is organized by authors' and publishers' society SGAE. Melendi was travelling a week early to promote the EMI Mexico greatest hits album "Caminando Por La Vida," released two weeks ago in Mexico only.

SGAE's Rock En Ñ organiser Xavier Novaes says, "Next week's concert will be (Melendi's) first in Mexico - I don't know yet whether he will be able to go or not."

Melendi, 28, who was accompanied by EMI Spain international exploitation manager Letizia Gimenez, manager Ruben Garcia, and four other people, has had three multi-platinum albums in Spain: "Sin Noticias De Holanda" (2003) and "Que El Cielo Espere Sentao" (2005) on indie label Carlito Records, and "Mientras No Cueste Trabajo" (2006) on EMI Spain.