Vodafone has obtained an interim injunction in German, which prevents rival handset manufacturer T-Mobile from selling the iPhone in the lead-up to Christmas.

The district court in Hamburg issued the order on Monday, after Vodafone questioned the exclusive iPhone marketing and distribution partnership Apple Computer struck with T-Mobile for the German market.

A Vodafone spokesman says the company is also raising concerns on iPhone charges; the monthly charge range from €49 ($72) to €89 ($131), whereas T-Mobile offer favorable rates on other devices.

Vodafone is also questioning Apple and T-Mobile's revenue sharing deal.

"These are new telecom business models that are not usual on the market. It's a radical change of practice," Friedrich Joussen, CEO Vodafone Deutschland told the daily "Handelsbatt" newspaper. "This is a fall from grace. We want to have a decision on whether this complies with German law."

T-Mobile has two weeks to lodge an appeal. A T-Mobile spokesman said the company was in the process of scrutinizing details of the court action.

In Germany, the iPhone went on sale Nov. 9 in Germany with a price tag of €399 ($590). According to reports, 10,000 units were sold on the first day.

T-Mobile also has iPhone distribution rights in place for such markets as Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Netherlands.