Tokyo-based label EMI Music Japan said Thursday (Nov. 29) that it is launching a management company to enhance and broaden the services it offers to artists.

EMI Entertainment Japan will manage all areas of artists' careers, including music publishing, merchandising, live shows, TV and "emerging opportunities created by new technologies," EMI Music Japan said in a statement.

While music will be the focus of the new subsidiary's activities, EMI Entertainment Japan plans to expand its client base into areas such as sports and general entertainment.

Other major Japanese labels that operate artist-management companies include Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and Avex Marketing.

Named as president of EMI Entertainment Japan is EMI Music Japan senior MD Junya Nakasone, who started the artist management team within EMI Music Japan in 2005. He reports to EMI Music Japan president/CEO Shoji Doyama.

The new company, which will begin operations on Dec. 3, will include the existing "Great Hunting" A&R team established by EMI Music Japan in 2006.

The first three artists on the EMI Entertainment Japan roster are female vocalists Mio Isayama and Shione Yukawa, both established EMI Music Japan artists, and a new Great Hunting signing, male singer-songwriter Kumami.

"We are very excited about the potential of this new division, which will help to expand the support and services we provide to all talented artists and create fresh opportunities for them to develop their careers," said Doyama in a statement.