Tokyo-based independent music company Hostess Entertainment is gearing up for its Dec. 26 release of the Japanese edition of Radiohead's album "In Rainbows."

Digital promotion activities, including a Japanese version of the existing "In Rainbows" website ( are scheduled to begin in early December. "This will enable Japanese fans old and new to discover the album ahead of the official release date in a similar way to how people in the West got on board," says Hostess founder/president Andrew "Plug" Lazonby

"We're honored and excited to be working with a band who have meant so much to us all here for many years, and for what is a very special record," Lazonby adds. He says Hostess has a direct deal with Radiohead that covers physical and other rights, including select digital rights, for Japan.

The Japanese physical edition of "In Rainbows," like the worldwide release, will comprise 10 tracks. It will be priced at 2,490 yen ($22.81).

"Going direct to fans via a local sales and marketing company like Hostess gives the artist an unprecedented level of direction and control over how the release is presented and delivered across old and new formats, in what is traditionally a very rigid and structured market," Lazonby says. "It's what Hostess has been doing for exclusive label partners for some time."

Other international acts that have released product in Japan via Hostess include Arctic Monkeys, Dinosaur Jr, Mogwai and Robert Wyatt, through exclusive relationships the label has struck with independent overseas companies such as PIAS and Domino.