Impala seized an opportunity to network with European lawmakers this week when the independent music companies trade body held its annual summit in Brussels.

Members of the European Commission and Parliament were among the guests involved in the day of activities, which comprised a closed-meeting at Impala's new offices, a presentation, and a dinner.

All Impala's board members attended, says Martin Mills, chairman of Beggars group and Impala. Mills tells the meeting was a "great success," which gave the indies an opportunity to voice concerns on anti-trust issues, and address such topics as collective licensing and EU support for the sector and concentration.

Helen Smith, Impala's secretary general, said attendees came away with "a much clearer vision" of the indies' needs. Smith also notes that the timing of the summit was decisive, as it comes on the back of the Europe Commission's commitment to support cultural and creative small and medium-sized enterprises.