In keeping with Transmission's "results-oriented" focus, an international research group will be set up to further investigate the role that ISPs play in the music value chain, organizers of the music-industry conference said today.

The second annual edition of Transmission was held Dec. 5-8 in the western Canadian city of Vancouver, and was attended by more than 200 delegates from more than 10 countries.

Information gleaned from the conference's keynote discussions and roundtable sessions will be made available in 2008 in an "outcome paper" that is being prepared by London Metropolitan University.

Adds Transmission co-producer Tyl van Toorn in a statement: "New deals were made, particularly for artists attending the conference. That's what counts."

One theme that emerged at the conference was the need to move beyond assigning blame for the recorded-music industry's woes and instead develop viable solutions that ensure rights-holders are fairly compensated. Another concerned basic semantic problems that hamper communication both within the music industry and with non-music companies such as ISPs and technology companies whose co-operation is essential if the industry is to survive.

"I see the value in Transmission and its role as a process rather than just a conference," said Canadian Music Publishing Association executive director Catherine Saxberg in a statement. "It encourages frank and ongoing debate and an examination of opportunities that face the music industry today."

The third edition of Transmission is tentatively scheduled to take place in Vancouver in December 2008.