Brigitte Mohn has been elected to the supervisory board of Bertelsmann, joint partner in the Sony BMG group, with effect from Jan. 1, 2008.

Mohn, who was appointed last week during an extraordinary general meeting of the German media giant, represents the sixth generation of the Bertelsmann/Mohn owning families.

"Brigitte Mohn stands for continuity through the family and the company's commitment to social responsibility," comments Dieter Vogel, chairman of the Bertelsmann AG supervisory board.

Mohn is a shareholder in holding company Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft (BVG), which owns 100% of the voting rights at Bertelsmann AG's general meeting, and sits on the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Foundation) executive board.

The Stiftung was founded in 1977 to "encourage social change and to contribute to society's long-term viability." The non-profit body is predominantly funded by income earned from its shares of Bertelsmann AG.

Brigitte Mohn is the daughter of Liz and Reinhard Mohn, Bertelsmann's ruling family. Bertelsmann has been a family affair for more than 170 years. The company was founded by a Mohn ancestor in 1835, as a publisher of religious materials. Reinhard Mohn is no longer directly involved in the company's business, but Liz continues to be a major player.