"It will create revenue where revenue is not being created. And it will create potentially enormous revenue," - QTRAX president and CEO Allan Klepfisz extolling the virtues of his new enterprise.

"Every minute on the site we receive 10 hours of material," - Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder of YouTube, gives a traffic update.

"When I was a child, I was told not to steal sweets," - James Blunt, a guest panelist at the QTRAX launch, suggests that he does not steal music either.

"Today, FNAC is a network of stores with an Internet site. Tomorrow it will be an Internet site with a few stores," - FNAC's Denis Olivennes on the changing face of French retail

"This business has had a 15 year anchor on it because of four companies. First it was DRM, now it's pricing," - Greg Scholl of the Orchard takes aim at the majors.