The top soundbites from Monday's Midem panels and debates.

"Mr Plant emailed me and said, 'Who's going to prostitute himself first?’" - Peter Gabriel on the Genesis/Led Zep reunion game

"I've always been of the attitude, you bend over 'till it hurts," – Gabriel again.

"I have met Steve Jobs and even done a deal with him face to face in his kitchen in Palo Alto in 2004. No one was there but Steve, Bono, Jimmy Iovine and myself; Lucian Grainge was on the phone. We made the deal for the U2 iPod and wrote it down in the back of my diary," - Paul McGuinness on how to broker a mega-deal with U2 and Apple Computer.

“The worst thing you can ask Coke for is money,” – Marc Mathieu of Coca-Cola advises on the best negotiating stance for that sync deal.

“Ridiculous,” “stupid,” “dreadful” – various panelists on the much-touted 360 degree model. The backlash starts here.