Beijing-based digital music distributor R2G Music and local authors' body the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC) on Feb. 1 unveiled a "strategic partnership" they say will better serve both rights-holders and Internet service providers (ISPs) in China.

R2G and MCSC say the agreement means publishers that have licensed their works to collection societies with reciprocal agreements with MCSC will be able to enjoy the monetization, revenue-collection and rights-management systems offered by R2G in China. They note that MCSC and R2G will be taking a "proactive" role in digital licensing and controlling piracy.

Chinese ISPs, meanwhile, will have access to a large database of music as well as being able to take advantage of what R2G and MCSC claim is a simpler license-clearing process that will enable them to market a wider range of content.

"MCSC is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of copyright holders," said MCSC general secretary Qu Jing Ming in a statement. "We will work closely with R2G to build a strong and viable digital-music distribution model while reducing the level of digital music piracy in China."

Commented R2G CEO Jun Wu: "We are delighted to be a strategic partner of MCSC, with its commanding industry profile representing the interests and rights of a large number of music composers and writers. We hope to work with them over the next few years to establish a framework to develop and take advantage of the Chinese Internet model for music distribution."