The annual Womad Cáceres festival has been revived. The 17th annual festival will go ahead in the capital of the western Spanish region of Extremadura between May 8-11, a handful of months after it was canceled for the first time.

Womad Spain and Portugal and the local consortium that helped finance the festival fell out over differences of artistic criteria, and the event was scrapped on Jan. 22.

But both sides announced on April 8 that a formula had been reached that would "preserve the spirit and philosophy" that Womad insists on instilling into its festivals across the world.

A note signed by Womad Spain and Portugal director Dania Dévora and consortium president Leonor Flores expressed "satisfaction" at the outcome. Details of the festival and the artists to appear will be released over the next few days.

The consortium, comprising Extremadura regional council, Cáceres city council, Cáceres provincial capital, and the Caja de Extremadura savings bank, had demanded organizational changes that Dévora found "unacceptable". But Womad has now agreed to host the festival on a weekend, instead of on weekdays.

Womad Cáceres has been held every May since 1992, and last year attracted some 120,000 people to the ancient city.

Womad (World of Music, Arts and Dance) was founded by veteran U.K. musician Peter Gabriel in 1982, and has held more than 160 festivals in 27 countries.

Extremadura is one of the poorest of Spain's 17 regions, but is famous for having been the birthplace for many of the Spanish "conquistadores" that colonized Latin America in the 16th century.