Italy's anti-piracy organization FPM reports "noteworthy results" in the area of neighboring rights enforcement in the first quarter of 2008.

The organization has provided technical assistance to the country's Guardia di Finanza (fiscal police), which has conducted a series of raids at discos, bars and even sports events.

Operations have concentrated on three separate areas, namely the Valle d'Aosta, Bergamo and Florence. Eleven people have been charged during the period, while thousands of CDs and an estimated 50,000 files have been seized, according to FPM.

In a statement, FPM secretary general Luca Vespignani says: "Music cannot be used in a commercial context without the authorization of the copyright owners, especially when an establishment is using that music to increase its business."

FPM reports that Italy's fiscal police have also charged the owners of a number of local radio stations for failing to pay neighboring rights to the Italian recording industry's collecting agency, SCF.