Copenhagen Records has opened a booking agency, Copenhagen Music. Christian Bachman and Jakob Sørensen, two of the four owners of Copenhagen Records, will be responsible for administration of booking operations.

Niels Lindgren, former booker at DKB Motor and former MD of booking/management company Rock On, has been named managing director of the new business.

"We believe it's time to explore the synergy between a record company and a booking agency. We're considered booking for some time, but now we have the right man for the job and are ready to go," says Sørensen.

Copenhagen Music will book acts from Copenhagen Records (Nephew, Spleen United, Rasmus Nøhr) as well as third-party acts such as Hanne Boel, Spinx, and Marie Fisker.

Copenhagen Records is part of the MBO group, which also includes record company A:larm.