Label Mobile, a Tokyo-based mobile-content provider owned by leading Japanese record labels, reports that its Chaku-Uta Full R full-track mobile-download service racked up a total of 200 million downloads as of April 30.

The service has been provided since November 2004 via three Label Mobile Web sites: "Record Kaisha Chokuei Full," "Record Kaisha Chokuei Zettai! Yougaku Full" and "Record Kaisha Chokuei Full Collectors."

Chaku-Uta Full R downloads reached the 100-million mark in May 2007.

"It took only 11 months for the cumulative number to reach the 200-million mark," Label Mobile said in a statement. "This shows that the Chaku-Uta Full R service is steadily increasing in popularity."

Some 120,000 songs from more than 50 record labels are available through the service.