EMI Music has hired Cory Ondrejka, co-founder of Linden Lab, creator of the Second Life virtual world, to push forward the music company's digital strategy.

Ondrejka, who will be based in L.A., is tasked with drive innovation around new revenue opportunities and building a "world-class" engineering team for EMI.

"Cory shares my passion for driving technology and innovation in the digital music business," comments the former Google executive Douglas Merrill, who is now EMI Music president, digital business.

"His unique experience building online environments, like Second Life, will be invaluable to EMI Music, as we create new digital communities for fans and artists," Merrill adds, to whom Ondrejka will report. "Adding Cory to the leadership team of the company continues to reinforce our commitment to the digital market."

At Linden Lab, where the CTO had served for seven years, Ondrejka was one of the chief architects of the Second Life 3-D online universe. His departure from the company last December generated serious ripples in the technology-blog space.

His work history is an interesting one, which includes time working on nuclear energy, defence systems and video game development. His CV includes a B.S. in weapons and systems engineering and a B.S. in computer science from the United States Naval Academy.