Leading French carrier Orange today launched an unlimited permanent download service with content licensed from all four majors.

Featuring one million titles, the "Musique Max" service primarily targets music fans, explains Laurence Leny, director of the music division of Orange, and will be accessible to Orange's broadband and mobile customers for €12 ($18.50) per month. Subscribers will be able to download up to 500 tracks per month that they will permanently own. Users are free to unsubscribe whenever they want.

The available catalog includes tracks from the four major companies, plus digital distributor Believe and independent label Scorpio. Orange assures it will constantly expand its catalog by adding new labels.

Orange claims 7.5 Internet broadband subscribers and 7 million 3G subscribers. Mobile users will have their tracks and playlists automatically synchronized over the air between their phone and their computer.

Tracks can be copied to up to five portable devices, and are DRM-encrypted, using OMA for mobile and Windows Media for Internet downloads. Meanwhile, Orange's a la carte download store will remain active.

In a conversation with Billboard.biz, Leny said the company was in talks with French authors and publishers collecting society Sacem to complete an agreement.

Similar offers were currently being developed in the United Kingdom, Poland and Spain, to be released by beginning of next year, Leny added.

Orange's offering comes on the heels of rival French carrier SFR's unlimited permanent download offer "Pass Music Live," which launched June 9 for €12 per month. SFR had already launched last November an all-you-can-eat permanent download service, which was limited to the Universal catalog.

Pass Music Live should include a wider catalog shortly. Details on licensing agreements with the other three majors are expected to be discussed June 19 at a press conference hosted by SFR.