Pete Wishart is one of eight British members of parliament who have added their signature in support of an Early Day Motion on the term of copyright extension debate.

Scottish Nationalist Wishart, a former member of Scottish rock act Runrig, added his name to the "Copyright Term For Performers" EDM, No. 1768, which was unveiled yesterday by John Whittingdale, member of parliament and chairman of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

Wishart has been a vocal supporter of an extension of the current 50-year term of copyright on sound recordings in the U.K. With wide support from the British music industry, Wishart in March presented a Private Members Bill to extend the duration of copyright. His Bill had received its first reading in December 2007.

A statement published Wednesday on the U.K. Parliament official Website reads, "That this House welcomes the proposal by the EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services that copyright terms for sound recordings should be extended from the current 50 years to 95 years."

Among other points, the parliamentary statement acknowledges that "the proposal will mean that British and European musical creativity is properly rewarded and will redress some of the existing unfairness faced by performers compared to composers and songwriters in the copyright system while giving European performers the same rights as those enjoyed by performers in most other countries; and calls on the Government to give the proposal its full support at future meetings of the European Council."

EDMs are formal motions submitted for discussion in the House of Commons. Although few are actually debated, they do allow MPs to gauge reaction and support for their campaigns.

Advocates of an extension in the term of copyright received a boost when European Union internal market commissioner Charlie McCreevy on Feb. 14 gave his whole-hearted support for a new, extended term.