Universal Music Group has agreed to license its music video catalog for streaming on Last.fm.

Beginning today, thousands of UMG's artist videos from the likes of Jay-Z, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse, the Killers, Duffy, Snow Patrol and Kanye West will be available on-demand through the Last.fm music discovery service. Universal Music and the featured artists will receive an unspecified cut in revenue for each stream.

Last.fm heralds the agreement, announced today, as its first major video partnership. "This is a hugely empowering partnership that really takes Last.fm to the next level," comments Martin Stiksel, Last.fm co-founder, in a jjoint statement. "We want to offer a video library that rivals our unparalleled music catalog, as we work towards Last.fm becoming the only place you need to go to for all music-related content, and this deal marks the first step towards that goal."

Rob Wells, senior VP, digital, Universal Music Group International, notes, "Our relationship with Last.fm is evolving. The use of Universal Music videos on the Last.fm platform is a great opportunity for both consumers and artists, with the latter earning revenues from every video played on the service." Wells adds, "Video streaming services are an increasingly important source of income, and it's great to have another new partner on board, tapping into this rich revenue stream."

The Universal videos will be ad-supported. For the first month of the new partnership, Last.fm has vowed to highlight Universal's catalog of music clips on its site.

Last.fm has been one of a growing number of online services to offer consumers free, ad-supported access to music with the blessing of the majors. CBS acquired the company in May 2007 for $280 million.