Download store 7digital has launched a partnership with music agency Spin to match unsigned artists with Puma Fragrances.

The tie-up with London-based 7digital's indiestore service, which enables unsigned artists to sell their music direct to fans, could lead to the winning track featuring on a pan-European TV commercial for the new fragrance range.

As part of the launch of the Free Flowing campaign, Puma Fragrances are aiming to link-up with indiestore acts that possess "a sense of energy and vitality". Tracks chosen will be promoted and made available for free download via the Puma Fragrances Web site in 15 European countries. The sites will include links to the artists' 7digital indiestore page.

"The pan-European music downloads promotion with 7digital is part of an interactive marketing plan that offers Puma Fragrances' young consumers an opportunity to engage with the brand online in a relevant way," says Anna Lundberg, brand representative at Puma Fragrances, in a statement.

Indiestore acts can opt into the promotion and the selected tracks will be ranked in order of popularity, with any stand-out winner in contention for the TV campaign.

"This is a great opportunity for the unsigned artists on 7digital indiestore to promote their music to a huge audience in a non-traditional way," says Ben Drury, CEO at, in a statement.

"The chance for a 7digitial indiestore artist to feature in a television advertisement is a phenomenal opportunity. We know from past instances having a track featured on an advert can have a huge impact on download sales and we're hoping this can be replicated with the indiestore acts."