Universal Music Publishing and Zodiak Television have launched a strategic cooperation over rights to music composed for the Stockholm-based TV production company's programs.

The Zodiak group operates 22 production companies in 14 countries, including the U.S., Sweden, U.K., India and Germany. The partnership will aim to ensure that part of the rights to originally-composed music used within productions made by Zodiak companies will stay with the production company in question, in order to enable better exploitation of music rights.

Universal Music Publishing will provide strategic advice on deal making, revenue collecting and exploitation.

"Zodiak and Universal are complementary companies and have a lot to learn from each other," says Patrick Svensk, CEO and president of Zodiak Television, in a statement. "This deal will create opportunities for additional revenue streams for both companies."

Martin Ingeström managing director/VP of Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia, adds in the statement: "Zodiak works closely with the origination and use of music in TV productions and Universal will bring its structure and knowledge within music publishing to make create more opportunities for us both."