Live performances by major U.K. acts The Feeling, Il Divo, Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson and McFly will form the core music element of the Aug. 24 Handover Celebration, an event marking the end of the Beijing Olympic Games and the start of London's role as the 2012 Games' host city.

The concert will be transmitted on a network of giant screens located in 28 major U.K. towns and cities. The network, dubbed 'Live Sites,' will be installed as permanent fixtures in Cardiff, Middlesbrough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea and Waltham Forest, before being rolled out to other locations nationwide.

The content will be supplied by LOCOG (the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games), and public broadcaster BBC.

The screens will initially transmit a variety of content, including live action from the Beijing Games. Additionally, they will feature performances by specially assigned regional choirs.

In a bid to galvanize the nation before the London Olympics, the choirs will also invite the nation to join in the singing.

Then, on Aug. 24, the Visa London 2012 Party will be held at the central-London landmark the Mall. It will be there that The Feeling and the other singing stars will play to a crowd of 40,000 free-ticket holders.

The Party aims to commemorate the moment London officially becomes the next Summer Olympic Games' Host City. It will also coincide with the Beijing Games' closing ceremony.

In addition to being seen on the Live Sites' giant screens, the Party and concert will be broadcast live on the U.K.'s BBC One TV network and the BBC Radio 2 national radio station.

The Live Sites screens and the party will be funded by credit card group Visa, banking conglomerate Lloyds TSB, and telecommunications giant BT, which are London Olympics' sponsors; and the government's National Lottery.