EMI has denied a U.K. tabloid report that Coldplay would be in a position to leave the label after delivering one more studio album and a greatest hits.

The report in The Sun stated that Coldplay could release the follow-up to "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends" (Parlophone) as early as next summer.

EMI did not dispute the paper's claim that the previous studio sessions with producer Brian Eno resulted in enough material to form the basis of a new record in 2009.

However, the major reacted swiftly to deny any suggestion that Coldplay is planning to follow Sir Paul McCartney, Radiohead and The Rolling Stones out the door in the near future.

"Coldplay are signed to a long-term record deal with EMI and are committed to produce a number of albums," the company said in a statement. "The band's relationship with EMI is both long-term and positive."

EMI did not confirm how many albums Coldplay is contracted to record for them. When Billboard interviewed singer Chris Martin in May, he would not reveal the number of albums they had to deliver to EMI, but quipped: "Well, I think we're in contract until the end of the space age. On my deathbed, someone will come up and say, 'You still owe me three records.'"