HMV's new social discovery site has launched a function that it says will help users complete their iTunes music and movie library.

The U.K. entertainment retailer says the 'gap analyser' allows people to import their iTunes library into their profile and find out what they're missing, whether it's b-sides, remixes or director's cut editions of films.

"There has been a dramatic shift in the way in which people buy, store and play music and film, meaning people's collections are very broad due to the ability to have instant access to a variety of genres," said E-commerce director Gideon Lask in a statement. "However, there is a lack of access to the depth, detail and background knowledge needed for people to expand their collections in the way they would like to."

Getcloser, which launched in July, allows people to discover, rate, and recommend their favourite music and films to fellow users. The full version of the site is due to launch in the fall, with plans to add live footage of in-store performances as well as content created and uploaded by users. It recently secured an exclusive online preview of the Slipknot album "All Hope Is Gone" (Roadrunner Records).