SellaBand, the Netherlands-originated label of unsigned acts funded by fans, has signed a marketing partnership with AOL Europe and launched a site on virtual world Second Life to gain more exposure for its roster of acts.

The agreement with Time Warner-controlled AOL Europe, which comprises national AOL Web sites in 15 countries, including the U.K., France, Germany and the Netherlands, aims to give SellaBand more online outlets for promoting its artists and the opportunity to attract more "believers" -- the site's term for investors.

"The deal with AOL Europe follows similar agreements with other online distributors, including the U.K. and German sites of online retailer Amazon. This gives us greater opportunity to extend our reach as the music label of the future," CEO Johan Vosmeijer tells "The move will help take Sellaband to the next level as we enter our third year."

The AOL Europe deal also gives Sellaband artists access to Truveo, AOL's video search engine.

Sellaband, in turn, will supply AOL's European sites with original music and news content.

Additionally, "believers" will be able to post and read Sellaband-related blogs on AOL's website. The U.S.-oriented has localized sites in Spain, Poland and, since August, the Netherlands.

During the weekend of Sept. 6/7, the company will also launch Sellaband Island on Second Life. The "Island" features Sellaband-branded applications, including a virtual information center, shopping mall, a village, and a field and stage for virtual concerts.

Sellaband says 25 acts have so far clinched the maximum $50,000 recording budget invested by fans.