PIAS Digital, part of the Brussels-based European indie labels company PIAS Entertainment Group, is to make its repertoire available to We7, the soon-to-launch digital music destination co-founded by Peter Gabriel.

The songs, from the more than 250 indie labels licensed to PIAS Digital, will be available via We7 as paid-for MP3 tracks and albums, as well as streamed music funded by display and audio advertising.

The idea is to listen to the streamed tracks for free and then have the option to buy DRM-free downloads.

The free streamed songs are preceded by audio ads of a few seconds long that are dynamically targeted, depending on the listeners' tastes. We7 shares the revenues generated from the ads with the labels and other rights owners. PIAS Digital is initially sending We7 more than 70,000 digitized tracks to install. That will be updated with "several hundred tracks a week" by PIAS, Clive Gardiner, We7's VP of digital music, tells Billboard.biz.

The international service is currently available in the Beta test format, which is used by more than 180,000 registered users. We7 uses geo-filter technology to prevent subscribers from accessing tracks that are legally not available in their markets.

It commercially launches in the United Kingdom at the end of October. Users outside the U.K. will have access to only the Beta version until We7 officially rolls it out into those countries.

Gardiner says the company still has not finalized the order in which the international roll out takes pace.

The price per track is £0.70 ($1.24) in the U.K; the price for albums is still being determined.