Police in the Australian state of New South Wales have confiscated an estimated one million illegally-manufactured Asian music and movie discs, in what is understood to be a record seizure of its kind in the country.

Authorities made the find during a recent string of raids on premises across south west Sydney, with assistance from the Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) unit and Verifact Risk and Investigations (Verifact). The illicit product is understood to have been pressed in a commercial scale plant in Smeaton Grange, and sold via shop fronts in the Sydney suburbs.

"Today's record seizure confirms that physical piracy remains a huge problem for the music industry. The commercial scale production and distribution of pirate music discs robs artists and songwriters of their rightful rewards," commented Dean Mitchell, investigations manager of MIPI, the Australian music industry's anti-piracy organization.

In other MIPI news, Marianna Annas will assume duties as GM while Sabiene Heindl is on maternity leave. Annas has extensive music industry and legal experience, having previously held senior business affairs roles at BMG Australia and BMG in New York and with EMI Australia.