Swedish telco TeliaSonera has launched Telia Musik, an all-you-can eat download service available to more than 13.3 million mobile customers in six countries.

Telia in Sweden was the first to release the service on Monday (Dec. 8). It will be followed by Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania.

The service has a catalog of 3 million songs following licensing deals with EMI Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, the Orchard and indies such as Bonnier Amigo. Negotiations with Sony BMG continue.

Customers can download over-the-air, or via PC and then side-load into an assigned handset. Telia Musik is available to mobile and broadband customers, and the first three months is free. After that, they pay 99 kronor ($12.11) a month, with data traffic charges included in the fee.

"With a Telia Musik subscription, we are taking yet one more step towards giving our customers access to what is basically unlimited music," says Indra ├ůsander, head of product management for mobile services at TeliaSonera.

Unlike Nokia's Comes With Music service, customers will not be able to keep music they have downloaded beyond 30 days after their subscription ends. Similarly, tracks are copy protected and cannot be burnt to disc. However, the service is compatible with a wide range of handsets, with the exception of the iPhone.

"Platforms such as Telia Musik demonstrate the value that music can have for telecommunications companies wishing to attract, retain and engage customers," said Jacob Key, business development director, Warner Music Nordic & Baltic, in a statement.

"At the same time, the service is a powerful means of providing a massive subscriber base with the ability to easily access and discover content from our diverse roster of local and international artists. Telia Musik is a very promising addition to the ever-expanding menu of exciting digital music experiences offered to music fans in the region."