Tixdaq, the entertainment ticketing research consultancy firm, has secured a second round of funding to develop its information services for the music, sports and theatre industries.

The company currently operates ticket comparison site Tixdaq.com, as well as the business-to-business information service Tixdaq Analytix.

The funding will enable Tixdaq to develop its data products for the live events sector, which are designed to support tour and event planning as well as provide insights into pricing dynamics.

"Tixdaq's success in raising funds in the midst of the credit crunch is a major vote of confidence in the quality and relevance of Tixdaq's services to fans and the industry," said Tixdaq founder Will Muirhead in a statement.

The company recently hired former Live Nation executive Steve Machin to spearhead its commercial strategy and work alongside former EMI strategist Will Waddington, now Tixdaq's chief operations and financial officer.

Muirhead added: "In the coming months you can expect to see us launching a series of practical business tools designed to help people at the front-line of the live events industry. We firmly believe that the integrity and independence of Tixdaq data combined with our Analytix services will add value to our clients and bring clarity to the industry as a whole."

Meanwhile, Edge Performance VCT plc has announced details of its latest fund-raising, for which it is seeking to raise £10 million ($14.8 million), or more subject to demand, through an 'E' share issue.

Edge, a specialist fund for the live music and events business, currently has £38.5 million ($56.8 million) under management.

Alasdair George, director of Edge Investment Management, said in a statement: "The live music and events sector continues to attract strong demand with world class individual performers and groups selling out within minutes of tickets becoming available. As the industry leader we anticipate good deal flow and that we will continue to have a pick of first class investment opportunities."

George added that Edge Performance has outstripped targets set out by the board since it was established in 2006.

During 2008 Edge Performance VCT has invested in a series of high profile music promoters who have organised shows by acts including Bon Jovi, Primal Scream and Kanye West.

Edge Performance has also invested in the successful run of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's "Monkey - Journey to the West" and forthcoming investments include the New Kids on The Block tour in the U.K. next month.