Warner Music Benelux has partnered with European media company SBS Broadcasting on a 360-degree deal covering the winners of music talent show "Popstars," which airs on SBS 6 in the Netherlands.

Warner Music Benelux will be the record label for RED!, the act that won the show on Dec. 19. The agreement with SBS Publishing & Licensing will cover audio and video material, touring, merchandise, sponsorship and brand partnerships.

Martin Jessurun, president, Warner Music Benelux, said in a statement: "This partnership with SBS is a fantastic opportunity for us to be closely involved with some of the most promising local talent. Our expanded rights relationship with the finalists will enable us to create a diverse array of content and take a holistic approach to developing their long-term popularity."

"Popstars" airs in more than 50 countries and scored ratings of 2 million in the Netherlands.