Speaking at a MidemNet keynote in Cannes, Google's VP of content partnership David Eun described Warner Music Group ordering the removal of its repertoire from YouTube as "unfortunate." But he insisted label partners can benefit hugely from the platform, not least in terms of the data fed back to them.

MidemNet is a conference focusing on the music business in the digital age and it is staged prior to the MIDEM international music market and conference.

"I think it's unfortunate," said Eun of Warner Music's decision last month, which the major said was because the terms didn't provide fair compensation to rights holders. He expressed the hope that they could work together again on providing content.

He added: "If you are YouTube and you're about giving users a sense of infinite choice, you want as much content as possible and effective partnerships with your partners. Unfortunately we don't have that type of relationship with everyone, we don't have that type of relationship with Warner Music right now."

Eun said the free YouTube Insight tool was proving beneficial to artists and labels. He gave the example of Weezer, whose "Pork And Beans" (Geffen) video scored 4 million plays last summer.

"Using Insight, they were able to understand the demographic where they [fans] lived regionally," said Eun. The data allowed the band and label to work out where it should tour.

He also suggested the music industry should "allow innovation to thrive," in order to provide "more choice and different revenue streams."

"As much innovation as there is in the music space, there could be so much more," said Eun.

In a separate keynote, Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Blackberry manufacturer Research In Motion, said he was "enormously optimistic" about the new revenue streams from music for mobile vendors and the music business. "This isn't a survival strategy, this is a remarkable revenue enhancement strategy," he said.

Balsillie said Blackberry's exclusive smartphone relationship with Ticketmaster, enabling users to purchase tickets and discover events, was the "beginning of all kinds of e-commerce you can do on these devices." The company will also continue to buy into music events, following the sponsorship of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour.

He also confirmed that, following the success of the Blackberry MySpace application, which was available from MySpace, Blackberry would launch its own app store in March.

"You will not recognize the music industry in a couple of years from now," he predicted.