Forty-five percent of Canadians believe that those using peer-to-peer services to freely download music and movies are "doing what people should be able to do on the Internet," according to a poll by Canadian firm Angus Reid Strategies.

The poll, released to coincide with the conclusion of Canadian Music Week in Toronto, also found only 3% of respondents felt file-sharing was a criminal act that should be punished by legal authorities. The survey comes on the heels of a speech at CMW by John Kennedy, chair of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, who said fewer Canadian music stars are being developed due to the rampant level of music piracy in the country.

The survey indicated that 23% of respondents said they downloaded from peer-to-peer sites in the last month, while only 12% have used a paid service like iTunes.

However, respondents were also opposed to paying for their P2P usage through fees. The survey found 73% were opposed to levy on Internet connections designed to recover losses from piracy.