A Norwegian study tracked 2,000 online music users over the age of 15 and found that those who downloaded free music, either legally or illegally, purchased ten times more music than people who did not download free music. Not ten times more likely to buy music, but ten times more music, according to a Google translation of the article (many reports say "more likely" instead of "more music"). What the study basically says is people who are passionate enough about music to spend time online searching for free downloads buy more music than people who don't care about music enough to invest the time seeking out music online. That's only logical. Like most studies of this sort, no estimation is given of how much music these people would have purchased in the absence of free music. (Afterposten)

There have been varying reports about Ticketmaster's decision to move Echo, its online music marketing company, to Los Angeles. The Tennessean report gets the scoop from a Ticketmaster spokesperson. Some jobs will move to Los Angeles, many in Nashville will be eliminated. "From a creative and operational stand point, housing the Web sites, fan clubs, mobile applications, social networks, TV, radio, and video in one facility will enable all existing and future clients the full complement of on-site digital services." (Tennessean)

Several BitTorrent trackers have closed after last week's industry court victory against The Pirate Bay. A message at NordicBits explained its closing: "We have to shut down the site now due all circumstances. We don't have time to do anything to the code, we don't have interest in it, we don't have any more money and the biggest reason is The Pirate Bay info." (TorrentFreak)

Imagem Music Group, which is owned by a Dutch pension fund, has acquired the music publishing catalog of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for an estimated $200 million. (Wall Street Journal)

Dora is a new music app that combines Pandora radio, Twitter and URL-shortening service Bit.ly. Pandora listeners can use it to share with Twitter friends what songs they're listening to at the time. "If you're addicted to Pandora, or really just want to share the titles of songs you are listening to, Dora is a nice solution. But if you want others to subject others to your musical tastes, Blip.fm is still the way to go." (TechCrunch)

Bandcamp has introduced some new pricing options for downloads. The minimum track purchase price was dropped to $0.10 from $0.50 (because of a new micropayment option at PayPal). There is also an option to allow fans to get a "name your own price" track for free if they give an email address. (Digital Audio Insider)

In an interview, Spotify's UK director of sales said the company will use demographic information to target advertisements. "Much much later on this year, we'll be looking at targeting by mood. If you're a brand that needs to reach people in a relaxed mindset - perhaps they're listening to Ibiza chill-out or Mozart - but we know that 15-24 is in that mindset and therefore you can serve the right brand to them." (paidContent UK)