Subscribers to the premium version of Spotify will get CD quality streaming this week.

The service's stream of 160 kb/s will be upgraded to 320 kb/s, which is "equivalent to CD quality and the highest streaming rate for any digital music service," according to a statement. Ad-free premium access is £9.99 ($16.40) a month in the U.K.

Initially, the most popular tracks will be available at the higher bit rate, with the entire catalog converted over the next few weeks.

"Providing great sound quality has always been an important goal for us," said CEO and founder Daniel Ek in a statement. "Now, we're taking the next step in offering an unparalleled listening experience."

The company, based in London and Stockholm, offers ad-funded free streaming services for registered users in the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and Spain, while the premium service is additionally available in those countries as well as various other European territories. It is not yet available in the U.S.

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