Alternative Australian rock acts Mental As Anything and the Dingoes, indigenous troubadour Kev Carmody, and pop singers Little Pattie and John Paul Young are to inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame during an Aug. 27 ceremony at Melbourne's Forum Theatre.

The five Aussie legends will join the premier class of artists who helped to mold the country's music scene, a pack that includes INXS, Olivia Newton John, the Bee Gees, Men at Work, Nick Cave and the Seekers.

Pay-TV channel VH1 will beam out the premiere broadcast on Aug. 28. Free-to-air broadcaster the Nine Network will air an encore broadcast the following night, the first through a long-term arrangement with labels body ARIA which includes a commitment to broadcast the ARIA Awards and a new chart show.

The 2009 Hall of Fame edition marks the fifth time it will run as a stand-alone event. Prior to 2005, Hall of Famers were inducted during a segment of the flagship ARIA Awards. However, time constraints had confined the induction process to only one or two artists.

"We decided [the Hall of Fame] was too precious to throw away as part of the event, and it was probably the wrong audience [for the ARIAs]," ARIA chairman and Warner Music Australia president/CEO Ed St John tells

"Most people who have been to it say it's probably the best night of the year, and probably better than the ARIAs," he admits. "The reason for that is that it's incredibly emotional. You're acknowledging people's career achievements. The acts themselves become quite overwhelmed by the power of it all, and the emotion and love in the room is extraordinary. It's an amazing night."