Sydney's District Court has sentenced a man to three months jail for copyright offenses.

Yong Hong Lin, the owner and operator of a commercial piracy operation in Eastwood, New South Wales, was sentenced on Aug. 21 after a jury found him guilty of 15 indictable copyright offences.

Police raided the 54-year-old's music and movie store on Feb. 27, 2007, following a probe by the Music Industry Piracy Investigations unit and the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft. Cops discovered more than 16,000 illegal CDs and DVDs, many of which had been imported from illegal pressing plants in China.

The criminal charges were the first to proceed on indictment in the district court since amendments were made in 2007 to the Copyright Act 1968.

Before handing down the sentence Judge Knox commented, "I do not think that a fine or a community service order is appropriate in terms of being a deterrent sentence. The proper penalty is one of a period of imprisonment."

Just 10 days earlier, a South Australian court sentenced Brian Rutherford to a seven-month suspended sentence following an Australian Federal Police raid in March this year.