Consumers buying Hewlett-Packard notebook PCs from October will receive a scratch card and PIN number, which enables them to register on a dedicated Web site to gain access to Universal Music Group's repertoire.

The promotion offers consumers up to 1,000 free downloads, which will be valid for one year, with 120 downloads allowed to be retained after that year is up. The promotional campaign is open to consumers throughout Asia, excluding Japan.

"We are keen to explore such deals to get consumers familiar with the new environment and using devices like computers and mobile phones to listen to music," says Sandy Monteiro, Universal Music Group's Asian VP of digital. "It incentivizes them to learn to enjoy music via devices other than traditional hardware."

Parallel to the UMG deal, HP is offering consumers purchasing laptops after Oct. 24 unlimited access to 12 popular computer games jointly with online gaming platform Wild Tangent.