Global active user numbers for Nokia's all-you-can-eat Comes With Music Service amount to 107,000, according to a report.

Music Ally said that it had obtained user details showing that a year after the DRM-enabled mobile and PC service launched in the U.K., Comes With Music has 32,728 British customers.

Even before this report, the service was widely understood to have struggled to take off among British music fans, although it has increased from 23,000 in April in the U.K. according to Music Ally. In the U.K. biz, the launch marketing for Comes With Music met with a disappointing reaction among various executives for its perceived failure to clearly explain the benefits and nature of the unlimited service.

Comes With Music has seen more comparative success in Singapore (19,318 users since launch in February 2009) and Australia (23,003 since March 2009).

Brazil had 10,809 users signed up to Comes With Music since April 2009 and Mexico had 16,344 since May, according to the report. European territories have yet to take off, with 1,101 users in Sweden and 691 in Italy since April, 2,673 in Germany since May and 560 in Switzerland since June.

Music Ally published a response from Nokia, although the Finnish mobile manufacturer said it never comments on such user numbers.

"Nokia will continue to bring new services to market and we will continue to add further countries and partners to our Comes With Music rollout," said the statement, which described Comes With Music as a "significant shift for both consumers and the industry alike."