Billy Mann - EMI Music president of New Music - International/president of Artist Global Management - is the man with the golden ears. As a songwriter and producer, he's worked on projects from the likes of Take That, Joss Stone, Celine Dion and Ricky Martin, helping to sell more than 75 million albums worldwide. His collaborations with fellow Philadelphian Pink have produced hits including "God Is a DJ," "Stupid Girls," "I'm Not Dead" and "Nobody Knows."

Having joined the EMI Music investor board in November 2007, he became chief creative officer in January 2008 and was promoted in July of that year to oversee the major label's A&R for the world outside North America and the United Kingdom. He works alongside Nick Gatfield, president of new music-North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as part of EMI's new music unit, with a mission to strengthen local rosters and steer international acts toward global success.

Mann can now point to French dance artist David Guetta as proof that his approach is working. Guetta's "Sexy Chick" is his biggest international hit so far, peaking at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the album "One Love" has sold more than 700,000 copies worldwide, according to EMI.

Mann spoke to Billboard about the challenges in making EMI attractive to artists again after the upheaval of recent years.

David Guetta's manager, Caroline Prothero, praises you for pushing his success as an artist, as opposed to a DJ. What did you do that wasn't done before?

When David played me "When Love Takes Over," my first thought was, "The song feels like a smash, but how do we make sure people understand David is the driving artistic force behind these records? How do we build that international traction for him?"

We challenged our marketing teams with the proposition that there is a difference between a "DJ" and David Guetta. David is more like a P. Diddy than he is like any other DJ in the world. He is an entrepreneur with clubs, products, compilations, brands and a spectacular team around him. Also, the French and global marketing teams made it critical that we provide David's audience with unprecedented online access. This varied from 24-hour day-in-the-life access to webcast parties to in-studio footage.

Each time he reached out, the fans spoke and we listened. His growing fan base is actually collaborating with EMI on the way we deliver Guetta to market.

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