Warner Music Group has announced a strategic partnership with FreeWheel, an online advertising technology company.

The partnership will enable WMG to manage and monetize its online advertising strategy using San Mateo, California-based FreeWheel's Monetization Rights Management (MRM) platform. The platform allows users to place, monitor and track ad usage and effectiveness across a range of artist sites and leading digital media platforms.

"Working with FreeWheel's powerful technology platform allows us to enhance our online advertising strategy and, along with the brand targeting effort we recently established with Outrigger Media, offers the kind of critical management tools we need to maximize the value of that strategy for our artists," said Mike Jbara, president and CEO, WEA Corp, WMG's U.S. sales and retail marketing company, in a statement. "Our goal is to turn our artists' digital footprint into reliable revenue streams for them, and these tools enable us to do that quickly and precisely, while also enabling us to scale our effort across a wide range of genres and sites."

"We're obviously very excited to be working with Warner Music Group, and regard their artists' videos as exactly the kind of premium content that our technology was made for," added Doug Knopper, Co-CEO of FreeWheel. "By working with our technology and services, Warner Music Group can seamlessly control the advertising around their content across multiple outlets while managing it all from the same advertising inventory platform."

WMG's strategy aims to extend the power of the artist brand by driving revenue from video content. The major recently announced plans for a premium online video advertising platform that will feature artist-branded channels alongside targeted advertising embedded in the video experience, sponsorships with appropriate brands and direct-to-consumer sales.

WMG will deploy its advertising and sponsorship across its own sites and work on that strategy with other platforms that feature their content.